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"Digital Emily 2.0 to the next level - Hyperskin"
"The importance of a proper displacement for skin rendering"
"The Quest For Realism - Hyperskin"
"Jafar - Hyperskin"
Peter Zoppi - XYZ
"Making of Obi-Wan Kenobi"
Adam O'Donnell
"Hyper Scape"
Platige Image
Making of "Black female"
Sinan Zöngör
Realtime Digital Double with Character Creator
Sefki Ibrahim
Making of Lily
Simon Gomez
Making of Emmanuel
Pietro Berto
Making of First Date
Rajitha Naranpanawa
Texture Supervisor / Interview
Gareth Jensen
Artistic Expression through Digital media
Elvira Trofimova
Making of "Ennea"
Daniel Bauer
Making of "Viktor"
Aobo Li
Making of "Elephorse"
Nicolas Morel
"Procedural skin in Mari"
Gaël Kerchenbaum
"Making of Jedda"
Robert Pashayan
"Making of Cyberpunk 2077"
Goodbye Kansas
"Making of Lankester Merrin in UE4"
Jared Chavez
"Beyond Good and Evil 2"
Juras Rodionovas
"Making of Samuel Lee Jackson"
Vanni Brighella
"Discover - Multi-channel Iris"
Yuri Alexander
"Game Of Thrones: Winter is Coming"
"21 tips on capturing a human likeness"
Darren Pattenden
"Making of Lying Cat"
Michael Wilde
"Making of Sinodon"
Antoine Verney-Carron
"Making of Test of Time"
Ryan Reid
"Making of the soldier"
Nacha Studio
"Fantastic Beasts and how to make them"
Gael Kerchenbaum
"REAPER Short film"
Characters Breakdown
Peter Zoppi
"Skull & Bones"
Platige Image
"Realistic game characters and using XYZ"
Robert Smith
"Creating a realtime character for facial animation"
Safwen Laabidi
"Real-Time Render, Motion Capture and Texturing"
Braulio FG
"Making the skin for Digital Portrait"
Sefki Ibrahim
"Overkill’s The Walking Dead"
Goodbye Kansas
"Artist interview"
Enver Bike
"Making of Bad captain"
Mateusz Sroka
"Making of Giant ubaii"
Mohamed Alaa
"Real-time eye"
Afred Roettinger
"The Boy and the Piano"
Image Engine
"The Avengers: Infinity Wars"
Digital Domain