Hyperskin - The quest for realism

The quest for realism

Hyperskin is the first comprehensive & feature specific technology for creating believable CG Skin. It fills the gap between scanning and sculpting models to achieve UHD assets with an unprecedented level of detail.
Get UHD heads - On demand!

Texturing XYZ has been active for more than 5 years already and its main focus so far has been to make high-quality content accessible for Artists. As such, our company is now the way to go in most VFX and game companies in the world. Indeed, our catalogue contains more than 500 products, in other words everything needed to texture characters and creatures is available on the website.

The demand for realistic looking assets has increased tremendously in the past few years.

However, this trend highlights 2 main difficulties:

  • Providing high-quality outputs depends on both time and budget.
  • Maintaining a consistent work across productions despite many factors: high turnover, Artist’s skills...

An excellent equilibrium of the magical triangle results in an efficient production.

XYZ at the rescue

Because solving those issues is what we do best, especially for skin detailing, it is no wonder that we recently launched our service meant for all studios in the world, from the smallest to the giants of the industry. We are committed to providing high-quality assets in order to enable Artists to gain more time for creativity purposes.

Getting a production-ready head model is an extremely complex task that can involve weeks or even months of work across different departments.

Thus, our main service Hyperskin was born. The technology we propose benefits our clients in getting more optimal time and budget factors, so that reaching the best quality possible is now more accessible and affordable.

Our mission

— Collaborate with companies to help them achieve their ‘realism’ goal and push the quality bar higher.

The uncanny valley is a thing, and we try to go beyond it and solve a part of it - The micro skin structure plays an extremely important role in the skin look of digital humans.

Hyperskin is a complete and fully controllable technology, perfect for creating believable skin surfaces. No AI or Cloud computing involved, only tools that we can 100% rely on, using both human and machine.

Hyperskin’s core has been designed based on logical features of the face so that each area of the skin reacts like in real life.

“Our tech is fully controllable and designed to match any given image references or brief from the client.”

To go further

Hyperskin can even be used to uprez a head model with a lot of details by collecting and analyzing the input data.

The following advantages can be observed: it avoids blending and mismatching issues. Most of the time, this issue is hard to deal with, especially when you need to preserve every aspects from a raw scan, and still add details on top.

"The Results from texturing.xyz's brand new "Hyperskin" process are simply unbelievable. We have collaborated with several high-end scanning partners and tried a slew of scan upres procedures but I have yet to see the kind of detail we get from the "Hyperskin" process. The amazing thing is its ability to keep all the facial structures and detail true to the original scan while filling in all the missing resolution."

Darren Hendler • Director Digital Human Group - Digital Domain

Hyperskin’s main features:

  • The micro skin structure will be generated based from the input and references when available.
  • A fully-calibrated displacement map will be exported.
  • UDIMs are supported - No issues with seams!
  • Extreme consistency regardless of gender, age and ethnicity: it guarantees a great level of details and accuracy.

— During the lookdev stage, the new displacement map will greatly help the subsurface scattering and the reflectivity to react accordingly to the light in a physical way.

What we need from you:

  • A clean mesh with 'relatively' good UVs.
  • A displacement map extracted from the low to the highest subdivision. We could also take care of this if we have the ZTL.
  • The Albedo map*. Optional : only useful when extracted from a scan

What about the delivery process?

You and Us

We work in sync, meaning that once we have a job, it is assigned to a team member.

We work internally to ensure that we will be able to correctly meet the expectations of our clients.

Our goal is to collaborate with companies of all sizes thanks to our unique technology to help them save both time and money while getting better assets as a result.

Want to know more about Hyperskin? Contact us today to request a live presentation! We would love to hear from you!

Why is it so important to have a good displacement map for skin rendering? Why this could drastically improve your renders? Everything is explained in our article... The Character Artist Peter Zoppi, well known for his work on the Call Of Duty franchise, was kind enough to collaborate with us during the beta phase of Hyperskin... Learn more about our Technology Hyperskin - Our on-demand service for studios...

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