Jonas Skoog / Micro Fabrics in Substance
software used : Substance Designer & Painter

Jude Leong / Making of Street Fighter Honda
software used : Zbrush

Michael Cauchi / Getting started with Micro Fabrics maps
software used : Maya, Nuke

 Adam Fisher / Making of Priestess
software used : Zbrush, Mari, Substance painter, Maya

 Jeremy Celeste / Non destructive and interactive workflow using texturingxyz maps 
software used : Zbrush, Maya, Arnold

 Marlon R. Nunez / Gandhi, the making of
software used : Mari, Zbrush, 3ds max, Vray

Milen Piskuliyski / Making of Elf Character
software used : Mari, Zbrush, Mudbox, Maya, Arnold

 Jerome Hartman  / Making Of Avril Lavigne
software used : Mari, Maya, Arnold

 Peter Zoppi  / Making Of DEVGRU  
software used : Mudbox

Salim Ljabli / Making Of One punch man head 
software used : Mari, Zbrush

Jonas Skoog / Making Of Black guy
software used : Mari, Zbrush

 Introduction to Surface displacement maps 
software used : Mari, Nuke, Photoshop

Introduction to Cross polarized photo references 
software used : Photoshop, Camera raw