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Hyperskin, skin textures at their best

Our matchless production toolset and our know-how, at the service of your projects, allow photorealistic skins down to the smallest details.

Hyperscan, material captures at their summit

“Hyperscan” gathers all of our expertise for PBR material acquisition. Our team realizes hyperscans from every materials findable in the world and treat them to achieve the finnest results you could find on the market.

"Fast, responsive and always delivering to a high quality standard! The collaboration with Texturing xyz on top quality scans is simple and efficient from specification all the way to production."

— Nicolas Paulhac • Head of Content Creation - Substance by Adobe

"Texturing XYZ scans are for me the most important tool in my workflow. The high fidelity scans allow me to achieve the ultimate in realism for my characters that translates into both displacement, specular and color maps."

— Chris Nichols • Lead Character Artist at Digital Domain

"Texturing XYZ materials are priceless and I can not imagine making realistic characters without using it. It became core part for my sculpting details pipeline in my professional and personal works. I am amazed that is still capable to surprise us with expanding product line and each new are raising the quality bar higher and higher!"

— Eugene Fokin • Lead facial modeler at Mill Film (Montreal)

"I have been painting faces and skin for a long time now and I have finally discovered the best tertiary detail skin pore and wrinkle maps I've ever seen. These maps are the holy grail for making truly believable skin. My life is now complete."

— Justin Holt • Head of Textures Method Studio

"Ever wondered what human pores really look like? With super high resolution displacement maps like these it's not just art anymore. It is science!"

— Jonas Skoog • Character Supervisor Goodbye Kansas

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