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Skin processing & material capture

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Technology & Creativity

Hyperskin, skin textures at their best

Our matchless production toolset and our know-how, at the service of your projects, allow photorealistic skins down to the smallest details.

Hyperscan, material captures at their summit

“Hyperscan” gathers all of our expertise for PBR material acquisition. Our team realizes hyperscans from every materials findable in the world and treat them to achieve the finnest results you could find on the market.

"Fast, responsive and always delivering to a high quality standard! The collaboration with Texturing xyz on top quality scans is simple and efficient from specification all the way to production."

— Nicolas Paulhac • Head of Content Creation - Substance by Adobe

"Texturing XYZ adds a level of realism to our characters and figures that is simply unattainable without their resources. At Daz3D our goal is to provide the highest quality digital human figures to democratize 3D creation and expression for both professionals and hobbyists. Texturing XYZ’s scans add those subtle nuances and inherent realism, that greatly help bring our characters to life."

— Ty Duperron • Chief Operating Officer - DAZ

"Texturing XYZ is an unparalleled resource for digital human designers. We highly recommend TexturingXYZ assets with Character Creator SkinGen."

— John Martin II • Vice President of Product Marketing - Reallusion

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