Since we launched Texturingxyz a few months ago, the most prestigious and famous VFX companies in the world and thousands of Artists now use our maps.

      Not so long ago, Character and Texture Artists needed to take care of the fine detailing part by hand or used an embossed version of the color map, guessing things and tried to replicate \ simulate skin's structures, most of the time for a face, but also in some cases on a full body. This task, not an easy one we must admit, was time consuming and yield most of the time in a wrong look and feel, especially on close-up shots.

     The textures we provide are huge. In order to get all the details from our files Artists have to find new Workflows. We are really proud that we can help you to reach amazing levels of realism in a short amount of time. We are confident to say that, thanks to our resources, the most difficult and challenging part is not to create amazing results anymore. Even if some softwares\hardwares can't handle our map sizes for now, there is always a way to adapt our files to your needs !

     Ralf Klostermann (RK-Art), 3D generalist, worked hard to find his own way to use our maps and presents some of the best and finest results we could get so far, using a single package from the current store. All images and videos above aren't composited but straight from the renderer.

It's also worth mentioning that 99% of the surface details are coming from the texture pack. Here is a without texturingxyz displacement version :

Finally, here are some 4k still frames, with some comparison with and without our maps.

We are constantly working hard to update our online store with new innovative products so stay tuned and please continue to help support us !

- Jeremy Celeste