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Version used 2.93.1
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👍️ Pros
  • You will be able to modify the baked texture from the viewport.
  • Works on both fully calibrated and graded maps.
  • Multi-UDIMS Baking supported!
❗️ Beware
Activate the HDR option to work in 32bit floating point, especially when using our calibrated - mid 0 maps. More precisions below.
1. Go to New project or press CTRL + N, and import your wrapped source mesh, then validate.

2. Go to the object shelf, then click on New object to import your target mesh.

3. Select your source mesh hiding the target mesh, go to channel/ import into the current channel. Select your map texture. Choose 32-bit float and 16K res.
💡 Tip

If using the fully calibrated map, make sure to toggle on the HDR icon on the toolbar.

4. unhide the target mesh, then go again into the Channel shelf, then Transfer.

You will be in the Channel Transfer!

5. You'll have a left window for your source mesh and its source channel (base color), and a right window and its target channel for the target mesh.

6. Choose your source mesh on the left with the Base channel, and transfer it to the right selecting your target mesh.

The size of your target will be the same as the source.

Click on Ok.

7. Once the transfer is done, hide your source mesh and go to the source mesh channel, choosing the new transferred channel to display the bake.

From this step, you can tweak and change the map onto your model, or you can simply go to channel/ export to export this baked texture!

🚩 Disclaimer
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