Turn a VFace to a ready-to-use Calibrated ZTool with Houdini

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Version used 18.5.663
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Houdini Workflow:

With Houdini applying a displacement along the normal in brute-force way is super easy. It can be setup in a minute!

To save time, you can download the sample scene.


- Open Houdini and import the head geo. (XYZ_headEyesOpen_GEO.obj for egs).

- Enter into the geometry and start creating these nodes with these options:

Copy paste this into the Attribute Wrangle:

@P += @Cd*@N;
@Cd = 0.5;

 As a result, something like this if you subdivide your geometry:


Export your geo in OBJ with a rop_geometry. Enter your output path and click "Save to disk".

- Open Zbrush and import the geometry previously exported from Houdini.

- Go to the Geometry tab and hit the "Reconstruct Subdiv" button multiple times.

You are done! Your calibrated Ztool has been reconstructed, will 6 subdivisons and 17 millions polys in just a few minutes!

👍️ Tip
  • During the process, the UVs are also kept, meaning that you can also import your VFace textures into Zbrush!