Transferring maps from a Single UV Layout to another with UDIM

In this tutorial we are going to be looking at how to transfer a single uv texture to another one with UDIMs.

1. You need to start with an object containing a single UV.

2. And have the UDIMed UV ready, Both objects need to have exactly the same world space coordinates.

3. Once you have placed your TexturingXYZ maps on the single UV, export them from photoshop, and save them in your projects folder.

4. Open up Mari, and create a new project, loading up your single UV mesh.

5. Make sure you only have base color activated, and set the resolution to 8k or higher, linear, and 16 bit. 

6. Next, import into the current scene, your UDIM mesh.

7. You should get a preview, with both objects overlapping themselves like this.

8. Hide the UDIM object.

9. And go into your base color channel of the single UV mesh.

10. GO to Layers/ Import / Import into current layer.

11. And load in your maps, one by one.

12. Unhide the UDIM mesh. (you should get  this overlapping effect)

13. Go to Channels / Transfer.

14. In destination, select your UDIM object file.

15. And transfer over the BaseColor channel fom the single UV to the UDIM.

16. Hide the base mesh.

17. And select the newly created channel in you UDIM obj.

18. Your files have now been transfered from a single UV to a UDIM file.