How to use the Texturing XYZ Displacement Tool

This is a script made by Richard Trouve, To facilitate the TexturingXYZ workflow and save time setting your Lookdev scene.

Thank you very much Richard for the work you have done.


 Download the script [Maya 2017+ / Arnold / Vray / Renderman]


1. Unzip the RAR file and drop the script.mel into your maya to start.

2. This will place a XYZ logo on your current shelf.

3. Open the script and you are greeted with a user interface that lets you select from Arnold, Renderman and Vray render engines. select the base mesh, by selecting you object and then by clicking on "pick".

If you already have a shader for that object, tick "keep current shader".

4. Select your texturingXYZ displacement, and your Float displacement if you have one. (Zbrush or Mudbox displacement)

5. Click "Set it up" and now in your hypershade, all your nodes are connected, as well as the subdivision settings in your basemesh's shape. All you need to do now is adjust the blends to your content and you are ready!