Skin Collection

UHD Displacement

Aim for the best quality skin displacements!
Texture your character or creature to the next level, with the most detailed assets of our libraries.
This collection features Faces and all the Body parts that you need, including hands, neck, shoulders, and much more!
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Multi-Channel Faces

Texturing a Face has never been that easy!
Including matching Albedo and Displacements, each pack also comes with an Utility map to provide all the data that you need.
Discover our workflows to push your portraits beyond realism, in no time!
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MicroSkin Library

Working in real-time?
This library features seamless skin maps to work on any Renderer, in the most optimized ways!
With more than 120 assets, pick and choose the Face or Body parts that you need, for mesmerizing results.
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Multi-Channel Iris

Eyes are the window to the soul.

With our iris packs, that include Albedo, Bump & Displacement maps, bring life to your character!
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Faces Photoset

Our Cross-polarized photo sets hold high-quality images, without specular reflections!

When it comes to the Albedo of human skin, they are one of the finest reference & texturing materials.
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