Integrating TexturingXYZ maps to your preferred render engine

Logical workflow

To integrate the TexturingXYZ maps into any render engine, there is a simple logic to follow.

start with RGB channel packed displacement, and divide it into the 3 grayscaled images, the mid value of these grayscale maps are a value of 0.5.

Subtract 0.5 to make the mid value 0.

Using a blend node to control the intensity of each layer of displacement.

and finally adding them together and connecting the displacement shader to your shading network.

Download and import the maya shading network and just replace the paths with the correct ones.

Integrating Zbrush displacement

Because the mid value is now 0, and the Zbrush displacement already has a mid value of 0, all you have to do is blend it in to integrate Zbrush displacement. 

Looking at the maya hypershade, we can see the integration precisely.