Gears of War 4 - Tomorrow Breakdown

XBOX ‘Tomorrow’ | TexturingXYZ Breakdown

Responses given by The Mill’s Krystal Sae Eua, VFX Modeling & Texturing Lead

 The Mill collaborated with twofifteenmccann and Director Henry Hobson of Furlined to create the trailer for Gears of War 4, the much anticipated Microsoft game for Xbox. The full CG spot, ‘Tomorrow’, debuted alongside AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead season two premiere. Congrats to everyone involved to this awesome piece, full of emotion.

What were your thoughts the first time you opened TexturingXYZ maps? 
I thought, wow! This is a game-changer. We can get so much accuracy and detail from these maps.

How did The Mill integrate TexturingXYZ maps into the pipeline for the GOW4 trailer?
Our Senior Character Artist, Kris Kelly, used these maps to get fantastic results and details into our characters’ faces. He used TexturingXYZ's handy workflow instructions from their website and got to work right away. The results were undeniable.

How did these maps change the way you worked before?
We would usually do a lot of this kind of work by eye and/or with photo reference. TexturingXYZ gave us ultimate control in that they have these wonderful hi-res maps to use without us spending the time and resources to do the cleanup – not to mention the ability to project multiple maps at once!

What is your typical workflow from the sculpting part to the lookdev part using the maps?
Typically we sculpt our character based on photo reference, scan data or concept design. Then, during the texturing stage, we use the 3-channel projection method to apply pore detail. We would then apply each channel to a layer in ZBrush and control the amount of detail in each layer to complete our desired look. The lookdev artist would then take our exported displacement map to dial in the skin shader.

Do you plan to use TexturingXYZ maps on future projects?
Absolutely! I'd love to see how much we can push results with these amazing maps.


Special thanks to Anna Zhang and Kris Kelly from The Mill for the breakdown !

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