Apply a VFace Displacement to Zbrush with Photoshop

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Photoshop workflow:

- Open Photoshop and open the XYZ_dispCalibrated_mid0_raw.1001.exr file
- OpenEXR Read Options : As alpha Channel
- Copy paste the Red Channel onto the Green and Blue channel, and remove the Alpha channel
- Image mode > Grayscale
- Create a levels layer and set the output levels to 127 | 255
- Layer > Flatten image
- Image > image rotation > flip canvas vertical
- Save As > TIF (EXR isn't on the export list unfortunately!)

Get the Action script (.ATN) and get this new map in a second!


    Your image is now ready to be imported into Zbrush!

    - Open Zbrush and import the head geo
    - Click on "new Txtr" on the Texture Map tab
    - Import the TIF image you just exported from Photoshop on the Displacement Map Tab
    - Play with the slider Intensity
    - Smooth your Model (Ctrl + D) as many times as you want
    - You can now click on Apply DispMap!

      Ultimately, you can also create a layer to store the data onto a new layer you can tweak later on. Your VFace Displacement is now applied!