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| Photometric PBR material capture

Texturingxyz is the pioneer behind extreme high-resolution materials scanning using Photometric stereo principals.
Our highly accurate scanner could capture per pixel, various materials, such as fabrics, leathers, wood, clothes, rough plastics, rusty metals, foliage including all map derivations such as albedo, specular intensity, specular roughness, normal, cavity, bump, height, transparency and translucency needed for your renderer.
Because size does matter, we could capture samples from 10x15cm to 180x90cm using our unique multi-stitching material method that led to a super-high-resolution material, ready for closeup renders with resolution up to 50k.

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| AI Micro generated maps

The AI Technology-based "Nexture" co-developed with Cronobo company could create a unique micro displacement / albedo / specular map up to 16k from a given displacement map.
Unlike traditional tools available in the market and thanks to our unpreceded micro skin library we built for the past two years, the neural network could add the last 10% on your character that gives the extra realism and creates true life-like roughness on skin.
Read this post to know more about it.

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