Hyperskin is our Skin Finishing System allowing our customers to put forward photorealistic heads in their projects.
Get UHD heads - On demand!

It has been years now we haven’t stopped putting our system “Hyperskin” up to the next level of performance, enhancing our productivity in order to satisfy the highest demands in terms of lifelike skin textures.


We put the angular stone on our client relationship and make sure to be adaptive relatively to his demand in order to provide custom-made productions.
Our innovative work, constantly re-adapted, led to the top of what you could demand, as we do not use any sort of Ai, our work is 100% human supervised, trustful and, the most important, close-ranged with the customer.

Main features of Hyperskin Engine

What you get - Simulator

A cut above the seams

We combine these skills as a way to conceive highly accurate displacement maps allowing physically plausible roughness. No seams nor distortions are possible, that's the magic of using a 3d space system!

Art and Science for a Strike team

This is why Team spirit is the pillar in our working approach. With both technicians and Artists cooperating together into a dedicated team.

This knowing glance between our technical and Art-directing works form a consortium of ideas feeding each other therewith to deliver unique and overlying results, visually impactful and physically matchless.

    Our Hyperskin engine is enhancing and improving everyday, fortified by our new collaborations and the evolution of technologies. Thus we provide adaptive systems in order to get highly reliable and always offer the products staying at the latest innovations!

    The passion of evolving

    Our high level of expertise allows us to put forward productions sought by both 3D scan professionals, Game & VFX studios in order to collaborate with them.

    Spirit of cooperation makes us alway open to new partnerships. Our exclusive tools and assets allow VFX studios to be more efficient, saving both your time and money, while it gives us the opportunity to make evolve our Hyperskin to keep maintaining the highest demands.

    Choosing XYZ as an outsourcing company also means :

    • Receive your product from a company that put its high point to the quality, over the quantity.
    • Fast delivery - We all know that time is money, we make sure to save your time, and reduce production-costs while providing super high quality-data.
    • Trustful - A free test can be done, at no cost or obligation to order!

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