Get digital materials you want, on demand !

The world is a fascinating place, isn’t it? you don’t even need to go abroad to find new materials, textures, or patterns you want to integrate in your productions. For any material you wish, we have the solution to insert it in your project!

Our specialized system “Hyperscan” has been developed to capture the whole details of every material you need on earth and to provide high-end texture maps and all its assets : leather, fabrics, wood, vegetation…

Our system allows the acquisition of a sample from a few centimeters to… well...no upper limit ! Our engine allows us to capture very large or long materials, like a great skin of a snake or a crocodile for instance, with the possibility to stitch the different chunks one after another.

At a final state these materials will be exploitable for every rendering engine. But let’s talk about the different steps requiring all of our savvy ! How does HyperScan actually work?

Ground-truth quality, from the ground up

Afterwards we’ve captured the materials, we need to retrieve different things. To do this so we will create maps of textures corresponding to certain information of the material : 

  • Its pure color, this without any of the specular reflection of light or shadows you can see on the outside.
  • The reliefs you can see on the surface, for instance the grain of a leather, depending on its density, height and depth, we’ll retrieve different information called “frequencies”.
  • The actual brightness, or the behavior of the light on the surface of the material : Indeed, the information won’t be the same at all from a material to another.

After these different computations, the final output optimally represents the true-ground material, allowing us to offer a perfect digital twin!

A going flat out efficiency, whoever you are

Do you want to modernise your production chain? Do you have to manage a virtual showcase needing perpetual enhancements? Create your internal material library which you can always have the content at hand for future productions?

Our products put forward the best of productivity for :

  • Product designers, including interior, automotive, and advertising designers, seeking for flexibility, with the awareness of an every-day changing project application, so they could modify graduations and colors of the material ad libitum.
  • Fashion designers, including luxury and maroquinerie industries, researching optimisations of production and efficiency,with the need to customize the output, and saving the cost of a photo shoot.
  • For VFX Artists and Game designers, who can take advantage of a framework built around a pipeline creation, allowing to push quality to the limits.
  • Every other professional who wishes to diversify his production chain, making it faster, better, cheaper, offering this way extreme adaptability for the pipeline, as well as an eminent gain of time and money.

Stand now on your own feet!

Ask, and you shall receive : Find the material you want to exploit, deliver us, and… we deal with the rest of it ! We’ll set up our framework and furnish you all the assets and maps you’ll need to harness its full potential!

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